June 2024

View down Maudlin Street on the last day of June. It was a cooler and drier than normal month. Cool nights with 5 ground frosts and yet it did reach 20° or more on 7 occasions.   

June Weather Summary:

Mean temperature was 13.5° which is a little below the most recent normal period but bang on normal when compared with the 1961-1990 norm. This was our coolest since 2019. Top temperature was 23.5° on 23rd and 24th and lowest was 2.8° on 12th. Lowest grass min was -2.3° on 12th.

Rainfall total was 38.8mm (58% of normal) and wettest day was 6.6mm on 21st but 10.7mm fell on the calendar day Saturday 29th. As daily  rainfall readings are taken at 10am, the rainfall on this Saturday was spread over 2 dates. Top wind gust was 58 km/hr on 27th.

May 2024

A large thunderstorm passed just to the south of the City on May 19th. Thunder was heard on 3 occasions this month, the 19th, 21st and 26th. Overall it was warm, cloudy and wetter than normal.   

May Weather Summary:

May was warm and the mean temperature was almost as high as May 2023. The warmest day was the 19th when 24.0° was recorded. It exceeded 20° on 7 occasions. The lowest temperature was 2.7° on the 5th and a touch of ground frost was also recorded. 

It was wetter than normal. Our wettest in 3 years. The wettest day was 21st with 11.5mm of rain. Top wind gust was 48km/hr on the 28th. 

April 2024

The cherry blossom tree near John's Bridge on a dreary April 8th. The blossoms were out early this year - one of the earliest on record here (to rival 2017 and 2019). The first half of the month was wet but thankfully it did dry out after that.   

April Weather Summary:

April was 1° above the latest average temperature. The top temperature of 18.2° occurred on the 21st and the lowest was -1.1° occurring late in the month on the 28th. This was the only occasion it dipped below zero.

The first half of the month was wet but the were 7 grateful, dry days from the 18th to the 24th. Overall it was the wettest April in 6 years. Top wind gust was 93 km/hr on Saturday 6th during Storm Kathleen. 

March 2024

A showery March 27th looking east over the flooded fields near the Bleach Road.  The month was much wetter than normal with very few dry days. The mean temperature was about 1° above normal.  

March Weather Summary:

Another milder than normal month. About 1° above the 1991-2020 mean temperature. Very few frosts. The only day to go below zero was on the 28th when it dipped to -1.1°. Top temperature was 16.1 on the 12th.

Rainfall was very frequent. A total of 111.3mm fell, not quite as wet as 2023. Wettest day was 13th with 18.0mm. Top wind gust was 62 km/hr on the 4th. Snow and sleet was observed for a time on the 1st but it didn't last for long. 

February 2024

100s of crocuses in bloom in the middle of February behind the war memorial. Spring came earlier this year with many mild days this month and very few frosts. 

February Weather Summary:

It was much milder than normal. It ended up the second mildest February on record. Top temp was 14.7° on the 4th and the coldest night was -1.2° on the 1st. There were only 4 air frosts.

It was wetter than normal with a total of 80.4mm of rain. No snow, until the very last day there was a shower of sleet at 4pm. 

Top wind gust was 55km/hr on the 4th. 

January 2024

Looking south at the Comeragh Mountains in the frosty clear air near Owning, Co. Kilkenny on January 19th. Frosts were very severe at this point of the month. We had our coldest night for just over 13 years. 

January Weather Summary:

It was colder and drier than normal. the coldest mean temperature in 3 years. There was however a big range in temperature over the course of the month. Almost 22°. The coldest night was -7.5° on the 19th and four days later it rose to 14.4° during Storm Jocelyn. There were 14 days with air frost and even an ice day on Jan 7th when it failed to rise above zero.  

Rainfall was 75% of normal with the wettest day coming on New Year's Day with 11.7mm. There were a few windy episodes with the highest gust of 92 km/hr coming on the evening of the 23rd (Storm Jocelyn).