March 2020

Clear blue skies above the River Nore at Green's Bridge on the afternoon of March 22nd. The country was practically shutdown at this stage due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Very few aircraft were visible in the skies. 

March Weather Summary:

The weather was quite wet at times during the first half of the month, but after St. Patrick's Day there was no more rain. Overall rainfall for the month was below normal. Wettest day was on the 9th with 16.1mm of rain.

The mean temperature was normal for the month. Some of the nights were cool with a total of 7 air frosts but none of them were severe. Coldest temperature was -1.8° on the 16th. The warmest day was on the 26th when it reached a pleasant 17.1°.

The top wind gust was recorded on the 12th when it reached 76 km/hr.   

February 2020

The lake at Windgap village on 11th February. At higher levels there were a few occasions with snow lying, however at low levels there was very little. The majority oi the month was characterized with rain and almost continuous strong winds as a succession of depressions moved across the Atlantic.

February Weather Summary:

It was a very wet month. With a total of 159.4mm, it was our second wettest on record (after 2014). Wettest day was the 8th with over 1" of rain (25.6mm).

It was a bit milder than normal and with all the wind and rain there was only 2 air frosts. Lowest was -1.2° on the 5th and warmest was 14.3° on the 28th.

The wind was strong and the top gust was 97 km/hr during Storm Dennis on 16th. Snow fell on a few occasions but no more than  a trace lying in the city. 

January 2020

A hard frost over the Nore valley at Greenshill on January 19th. The air temperature dipped to -5.4° C with the ground temperature as low as -10.9°. A huge anticyclone was positioned over Ireland at the time, with pressure as high as 1049 hPa. The highest since the 1960s.

January Weather Summary:

The mean temperature was a little above normal and there was only 5 days with temperatures below zero. The picture above details the lowest temperature and the highest temperature was recorded on the 31st with 14.0°.

After a wet start, the huge anticyclone at the middle of the month ensured that the month overall was dry with only 55.7mm of rain (67% of normal). 

Top wind gust of 93 km/hr was recorded on January 13th when Storm Brendan passed close to the west coast.