December 2019

Mist and frost over the Suir Valley at Kilkieran Co.Kilkenny on the morning of the 17th. Earlier that night temperatures dipped to almost -3 C. But at 7am a slow moving showerband moved down from the northwest and produced 1.2mm of rain over the already frozen surfaces. This produced traffic chaos especially in and around the City with 2 trucks jack-knifing and lethal conditions on the footpaths.

December Weather Summary:

Due to a mild week after Christmas Day, the mean temperature ended up a little above normal. Warmest day was the 10th with 13.8° and coldest was -3.0° on the 3rd. There were 9 days with air frost. 

It was a little wetter than normal overall. Wettest day was 18th with 22.1mm of rain. The top gust of 85 km/hr was recorded just after midnight on the 9th as Storm Atiyah passed close to west coast of Ireland. 

November 2019

A rare sunny afternoon on the Parade on November 17th as preparations for Christmas began early with the erection of the Christmas Tree. 

November Weather Summary:

It was another cooler than normal month. Coolest November since 2016. Top temperature was 14.7° on 1st and the coolest was -2.1° on the 18th, but there was only three days below zero, considerably fewer than normal.

Rainfall was well above normal - but November 2018 was wetter. The wettest day was the 20th with 20.3mm. 

October 2019

Nice Autumn colour at Loughboy on October 21st. The end of the month was sprinkled with a few sunny, dry days and proved a welcome relief from the rain. 

October Weather Summary:

It was cooler than normal. Our coolest since 2012. Towards the end of the month there were some frosty nights with the lowest being -2.2° recorded  on the 27th. The warmest was 18.4° on the 7th. 

It was also wetter than normal with 104.7mm recorded. Wettest since 2014. Storm Lorenzo bashed the west coast on the 3rd/4th but its effects on Kilkenny were small with the top gust of 67 km/hr recorded at noon on the 4th as the remnants passed over. 

September 2019

The flooded river Nore on September 29th, looking over Ormonde Weir towards Maudlin Street. The final three days of the month saw 38mm of rain but in the first 20 days there was only 7.2mm.

September Weather Summary:

It was a the proverbial month of 2 halves. The first half was sunny and dry with pleasant temperatures peaking at 22.3° on the 18th. However the weather deteriorated on Saturday 21st when thunder was heard between 11:30am and 1pm. The coldest night was on the 13th when a min of 3.7° was recorded.

Overall it was a wet month despite the dry start. There were 7 ground frosts and the top gust of just under 60 km/hr was recorded on the 4th from  a westerly direction.

August 2019

A showery Saturday, looking north from the Castle, on 17th - the eve of the All-Ireland hurling final. Unlike the previous two months, there was a lot of showery weather this month with few completely dry days - until the end of the month.

August Weather Summary:

It was a mediocre month. The mean temperature was near normal with the temperature reaching 20° or more on 18 occasions but there were few "hot" days. The maximum of 24.5° was recorded on the 2nd. The lowest temperature of 5.5° occurred on the 12th, when a ground frost was also recorded. 

Rainfall was above normal. The first half of the month was especially wet and the 8th was the wettest day with 21.4mm recorded. 

The top gust of 60.2 km/hr was recorded on the 10th of the month. 

Summer Weather Summary:

The mean temperature was slightly above normal, with the warmest day being the 27th of June when 26.0° was recorded. This was the only date above 25°.

Rainfall was surprisingly a little below normal due primarily to a dry July. 

July 2019

The old bridge at Ennisnag on the 18th. That day there was a ceremonial crossing and celebration beside the bridge at the Kingsriver Community. The bridge is reputed to be one of the oldest in Ireland. Some 800 years old. 

July Weather Summary:

It was a warm month but without any standout hot days. The highest max of 24.5° occured on the 22nd. The lowest temperature of 6.5° was recorded on the 4th.

It was yet another dry July with only 35.3mm recorded. This continues a run of dry July months going back to 2016. 

June 2019

A sunny evening on June 27th at John's Bridge. The first three weeks of the month were poor - wet and cold. But the month was redeemed with a fine spell of weather at the end. 

June Weather Summary:

Mean temperature was below normal despite the warm finish. The highest temperature of 26.0° was recorded on the 27th. But there were many cool nights with a total of eight ground frosts. The lowest air temperature was 2.3° on the 7th.

Rainfall was just a little above normal, with the wettest day on the 4th with 18.1mm.

May 2019

Sunset falls on the recently refurbished Evans's Home, off John's Quay Kilkenny, on May 12th. There were many such dry, sunny days in May but the nights were cool. 

May Weather Summary:

Overall temperatures were only just above average. The nights were cool especially in the first half of the month. An air frost was recorded on May 5th, when it dipped to -0.5°. The highest temperature was recorded on May 30th when it got to 20.1°

Rainfall was very intermittent. There were only 7 days with any rainfall and the monthly total of 12.7mm was our lowest since May 1991. 

April 2019

The cherry blossoms at John's Bridge on April 7th. The cherry blossoms were out early this spring, following a mild January to March period. The start of the month of April was cold and wet at times.

April Weather Summary:

Overall a warm spell around Easter time ensured mean temperatures were just a little above normal. There were four days when the maximum temperature exceeded 20° with the top temperature of 22.9° recorded on the 20th. There was one air forst when it dipped to -1.3° on the 5th. 

Rainfall was above normal, following a wet and stormy end to the month. The top gust of 94 km/hr just before midnight on the 26th as Storm Hannah barrelled through.  

March 2019

Snow melting away outside the Black Abbey on the morning of March 4th. There was some wet snow late in the afternoon of the 3rd. The month continued very wet until St. Patrick's Day but then followed a quieter warmer spell. March did go out like a lamb. 

March Weather Summary:

It was the classic case of in like a lion - out like a lamb. Overall the mean temperature was a little milder than normal with the highest temperature being 16.9 ° recorded on the 28th. There were many pleasant days above 15 C at the end of the month. There were three nights with air frost with the coldest being -1.4° on the 4th. 

It was a very wet month however with the bulk of the rain falling in the first half of the month. It was the wettest March since 1996. 

February 2019

A pleasant sunny morning on February 17th with the daffodils full in bloom at the Grange's Road. There were many fine, mild days like this during the month with little or no snow and few frosts. Towards the end of the month there were many warm days and it exceeded 14° on five occasions.

February Weather Summary:

It was a very mild month - our warmest February since 1998. There were only 6 air frosts with the coldest being -3.9° on the 3rd. The warmest temperature of 15.5° was recorded twice, on the 25th and 26th.

Rainfall was well below normal (59%) and the wettest day was on the 6th with 7.0mm. Top gust was on early on the 9th with 71 km/hr.

January 2019

Newpark fen/marsh on January 11th on a dull but mild evening. The first three weeks were mild, dull and drizzly. There was no frost until the 17th. The month ended on a colder note but did not prevent it from being mildest January in 7 years

January Weather Summary:

A mild,dry month. There were only 6 air frosts. Coldest was the last day of the month with -3.8° and warmest temperature was recorded on the 25th with 12.3°.

There was only 25.3mm of rainfall recorded making it the driest January for 22 years. Wettest day was the 31st with 4.8mm.