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March 2017

After a cold, wet start to the month there was some pleasant weather in the week before St. Patrick's Day such as this bright afternoon at Kenny's Well on the 13th. The temperature peaked at 16.2° two days later. 

February 2017

Frost clearing near the canal on a sunny morning 5th February. After a mild wet start, the weather turned cold and frosty for a time but finished again mild. 

February Weather Summary:

It was another mild month, the mildest in 5 years. There were 9 days with air frost but this was more than compensated by 17 days when the temperature exceeded 10 °. The lowest temperature was -3.6° recorded on the 5th and the highest was 14.2° on the 21st.

It was a little drier than normal and continued a run of 5 consecutive months with below normal rainfall. The highest wind gust of 85 km/hr was recorded at 5:30am as Storm Doris passed over the north of Ireland.

Winter 2016/2017 Weather Summary:

It was a dry winter with all 3 months (Dec-Feb) recording below normal rainfall. That said, it was still not quite as dry as the winter two years ago (2014/2015). The mean temperature for the winter was 6.1° which is almost 1 degree above normal. It was slightly cooler than last winter. (2015/2016).

January 2017

Snowmageddon 2017 outside the Old Workhouse, Callan on Friday 13th. The much hyped cold snap delivered very little snow to the Kilkenny region.There were quite decent falls in mountainous parts of the southeast but alas temperatures were mostly above zero during the period. A small sprinkle of snow fell early in the morning in the Callan area gave a light dusting. Otherwise the month tended to get milder after this event. 

January Weather Summary:

Overall it was a mild, dry month. Mean temperature was fractionally higher than Jan 2016 and it was the mildest since 2012. The lowest temperature was -4.9° on the 3rd and the highest was 12.0° on the 6th.

There were many dry days, with an anticyclone over southern England holding firm. It finally gave way on the 29th and on that day and the 30th, over half the monthly rainfall total was recorded. There were few stormy periods. The highest gust of 71 km/hr was recorded just before 7am on the 9th during a squall.



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