February 2019

A pleasant sunny morning on February 17th with the daffodils full in bloom at the Grange's Road. There were many fine, mild days like this during the month with little or no snow and few frosts.

January 2019

Newpark fen/marsh on January 11th on a dull but mild evening. The first three weeks were mild, dull and drizzly. There was no frost until the 17th. The month ended on a colder note but did not prevent it from being mildest January in 7 years

January Weather Summary:

A mild,dry month. There were only 6 air frosts. Coldest was the last day of the month with -3.8° and warmest temperature was recorded on the 25th with 12.3°.

There was only 25.3mm of rainfall recorded making it the driest January for 22 years. Wettest day was the 31st with 4.8mm.