On this page are the official stats for the current month:

How is this month shaping up?

• It's been a mild first week (bar one night on the 3rd/4th).
• Rainfall has been well above normal. 
• Rainfall for the year so far is now running close to normal. (97%). The drought is a long distant memory.


Official Temperature and Rainfall Readings for Kilkenny

December 2018 1st to 7th 1st  to 14th 1st to 21st 1st to End Month Highest Month Lowest
Mean Air Temp.  (in ° C) 7.9      
14.0 on  2nd
 -2.2 on 4th
Departure from 1981-2010
      - -
Rainfall (in mm)  40.0        
22.3 on
Percent of normal 1981-2010







Mean Soil Temperatures, recorded at 09:00 UTC each morning :
5cm Depth   7.3        - -
10cm Depth   7.8       - -
20cm Depth   8.3        - -
Mean Earth Temperatures, recorded at 09:00 UTC each morning :
30cm Depth   8.9        - -
60cm Depth   9.2           - -
120cm Depth   10.2          - -
Extremes of Air Temperature so far this year :
30.3 on
Jun 28th
-5.5 on
Mar 1st
Total Rainfall so far this year : 785.9mm
97% of normal
Wettest days of the year so far : 25.2mm
on Nov 4th
on July 27th


Note : The data shown in the table above is the official climate data submitted to Met Eireann (Climate Station No. 456). The temperatures are from calibrated liquid-in-glass thermometers and rainfall is from a standard 5" copper gauge. The temperatures are not calculated/based on a 00-24 hour day. For the minimum temperatures, the month begins at 9 UTC on the last day of the preceding month and ends at 9 UTC on the last day of the month. For the maximum temperatures and rainfall readings, the month is taken as beginning at 9 UTC on the 1st and ending at 9 UTC on the 1st of the next month.