Weather now fine


Afternoon conditions and temperatures at Kilkenny from Mon Apr 20th:

15° 17° 18° 19° 14° 12° 11° 10°
Good until Friday, then a change to cooler showery weather. Some cloud about at first and Monday but otherwise it will continue fine for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with some nice sunny spells coming through - still cool at night with some ground frost. Still holding fine for Thursday but some cloud will arrive late Thursday and there is likely to be some rain overnight. So a significant change then for Friday with some outbreaks of rain. On Saturday there will be a spell of rain in the middle of the day but it will turn a brighter and (cooler) as a northwest breeze sets in. Cool but some sunny spells for Sunday. Cool and showery then for the start of next week.
12:25 Kilkenny Ireland (52.65°N 7.25°W 50m ASL)   Sunday 26th of April 2015
Temperature 11.0 °C Wind Direction ENE
Humidity 50 % Wind Average (1 min) 6.5 km/h
Air Pressure 1013.7 hPa Wind Gust 13.3 km/h
Grass Temp. 19.1 °C Wind Chill Temp 10.7 °C
Soil Temp (10cm) 10.0 °C Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr 

Weather Today (Since Midnight) Weather so far this month
Max Temperature 10.7 °C at 12:13 Max Temperature 19.5  °C on 22/04/2015 at 17:15
Min Temperature -1.3 °C at 06:24 Min Temperature -1.1 °C on 26/04/2015 at 06:09
Max Wind Gust 20.2 km/h at 10:54 NNE Max Wind Gust 62.2 km/h on 03/04/2015 at 15:25 NNW
Total Rainfall 0.0 mm Total Rainfall 11.7 mm
Min Grass Temp. -7.1 °C at 06:11 Min Grass Temp. -7.1  °C on 26/04/2015
Mean Soil Temp. 6.8 °C Mean Soil Temp. 11.1 °C

Weather so far this Year Sun and Moon Almanac
Max Temperature 19.5  °C on 22/04/2015 at 17:15 Sunrise: 06:07
Min Temperature -4.9 °C on 03/02/2015 at 08:34 Sunset: 20:46
Max Wind Gust 110.2 km/h on 30/03/2015 at 22:25 Moonrise: 12:53
Total Rainfall 168.5 mm Moonset: 03:00
Min Grass Temp. -11.5  °C on 19/01/2015 Visible Moon (%): 54.7  %

Latest webcam image looking west across the River Nore: 

How this month's shaping up? :

• A lovely first three weeks with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. 
• Rainfall still well below normal.


Date Apr-2015 Mean Temp. 1981-2010 Mean Temp. Deviation  from Normal Apr.  2015 Rainfall % of Normal Rainfall
1st-7th 10.0° 8.0° +2.0°   4.3mm     32%
1st-14th 9.6° 8.2° +1.4°  10.3mm
1st-21st 9.6° 8.4° +1.2°  10.3mm     25%
1st-End ° ° °      

Apr  Min

0.4° on 9th

Apr       Max

19.7° on 7th

Apr Wettest Day

3.5mm on 2nd

Year Min

-4.9° on Feb 3rd

Year     Max

19.7° on  Apr 7th

Year's Rainfall


Note : The data shown in the table above is the official climate data submitted to Met Eireann (Climate Station No. 456). The temperatures are from standard liquid-in-glass thermometers and rainfall is from a standard 5" copper gauge. The temperatures are not calculated/based on a 00-24 hour day. For the minimum temperatures, the month begins at 9 UTC on the last day of the preceding month and ends at 9 UTC on the last day of the month. For the maximum temperatures and rainfall readings, the month is taken as beginning at 9 UTC on the 1st and ending at 9 UTC on the 1st of the next month.

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